5 Reasons Why SleepPhones Are Essential For Holiday Travel

Traveling over the holidays?

There are many reasons why you may need SleepPhones® this holiday season, especially if you are going out of town. The long drive, or airplane ride can be a huge struggle. But what happens when you get to your families house and you have snoring family members? Your holiday can go from great to not so great really fast! So this year be sure to pack SleepPhones for your travels!

Reasons people can experience sleepless nights while traveling:

  1. Unfamiliar Place - SleepPhones can help you feel more comfortable in a new place because the pajamas for your ears are the same ones you wear at home. So even if the pillow's not quite the same, your familiar head gear will still help you feel a bit more at home.
  2. Unfamiliar Sounds - SleepPhones can help mask noises in your sleep environment. Sometime in a new place, just the way the wind howls outside or the way the heating system sounds can be disturbing. Whether you are visiting the city or the country, you can always listen to your favorite nature sounds or relaxation tracks. SleepPhones® keeps your auditory surroundings consistent and familiar.
  3. Random Noises - When a family gathers, there's always bound to be someone who snores. Plus, there's the neighbor's dog barking outside. And the people who either stay up too late or wake up too early. There are all sorts of disturbances that can interrupt your sleep. SleepPhones help to drown out those annoying sounds and keep you asleep.
  4. Jet Lag - If you have to travel to a different time zone, the first few days are often a bit more tiring. To keep you refreshed and upbeat, you need to sleep well. SleepPhones can help you get to sleep when you want and help keep you asleep until the morning.
  5. During Travel - Why wear clunky, heavy, and breakable headphones while traveling? SleepPhones® are easily packable because they are so soft, flexible, and durable. They are easy to stow into your pocket, purse, or luggage. Teens who like to listen to their own music or play games during travel would surely appreciate having their own audio space during a long car ride or plane flight(s).
  6. Emergency Gift - SleepPhones® are the perfect emergency gift. At $39.95, they aren't too expensive. Everyone sleeps, so everyone can possibly use them. They are guaranteed to be intriguing and unique. It's unlikely that the recipient already has one, so it's perfect for the person who's hard to buy for. Actually, if they already have one, they would probably love to have a back up set. More than 50% of people who own SleepPhones or RunPhones use them almost daily, and 95% of people who buy SleepPhones® or RunPhones® would recommend them.

SleepPhones® are the most comfortable sleep technology, and allow you to enjoy your holidays even if you are away from home!

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