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SleepPhones® are the most comfortable way to listen to The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep featuring ultra-thin speakers inside a comfy headband!

You're never too old to enjoy a good story, and Scooter's bedtime stories are perfect for lulling you off to sleep. His dull, pointless meandering, over-explaining, and random tangents are so relaxing that it isn't really a podcast you listen to... it's a podcast to bore you to death. Ok, maybe not death, but to a sleep so good your bed partner might think you're dead! Or at least you'll sleep like it.

Drew has been there, tossing and turning as a sufferer of insomnia since childhood, so he gets it, and he wants to help. Self-proclaimed Borefriend and Borebud, he promises to deliver something different but familiar each time, and hopes that few listeners ever make it to the end of an episode.

The only thing that can make this experience better is a comfy pair of headphones to snuggle into, so it makes sense that one of the first podcasts for sleeping would partner with the first headphones for sleeping, and when we came across each other it was a match made in heaven.

A trusted partner since 2015, when Scooter approached us with the idea to collaborate further to create customized SleepPhones, we knew it'd be a perfect synergy. After a few trial runs we're happy to offer a trendy product that's customized locally in small batches to ensure quality and is only available here!

So grab yourself some SleepPhones, create a safe space, set aside whatever is on your mind that's keeping you awake, and let Scooter bore you into a magical dreamland full of well-deserved zzz’s.

...I'm genuinely so excited to not have to wear my beats headphones to bed anymore” - Conan, @t_chai_kovsky

I suggest the #SleepWithMe podcast, using #SleepPhones. @dearestscooter @SleepPhones. Try it 3 times, to see if it works for you.” - Stacy Augustine, @AZAugie

@dearestscooter I recommended the SleepWithMe podcast and SleepPhones!” - Christiana, @christipbetts

“SleepPhones - the more comfortable way to snuggle in, turn out the lights, and press play on SleepWithMe” - Scooter

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