Ben Franklin Awards AcousticSheep with $200,000 Prize Package

Our entire team felt validated and loved by the extremely generous Erie, PA business community today.

AcousticSheep Team picture with Cirrus holding $50,000 check from the Ben Franklin Big Idea business competition

The Ben Franklin Technology Partners gave us a grant check today for $50,000 and a prize package valued at over $200,000. We were the grand prize winners of the Ben Franklin Big Idea business competition. We had a fun presentation and a killer business plan.

SleepPhones Effortless and RunPhones Effortless Release Delayed Until November

Hi SleepPhones and RunPhones fans!

This is the CEO, Wei-Shin. We were pleasantly surprised that everyone remembered that we were coming out with the Effortless model, which has induction charging. It’s now the end of April, and the project has not gone as quickly as we hoped.

A Behind the Scenes Look at One of AcousticSheep's Exclusive Musicians

Vibrational medicine practitioner Jessica Hope has been dedicated to the art of healing from a young age and is now an accomplished healer, teacher, reiki master and ordained minister. Her first-ever CD release, Transformations, is designed to guide you to a state of deep relaxation or centered creativity utilizing vibrational sound through crystal singing bowls.

AcousticSheep's Trip to Sam's Club's "30 Minutes to Win It" Event March 2015

We pitched our products to Sam's Club as part of their annual "30 Minutes to Win It" event a couple of weeks ago in Arkansas.

The Trip

My sales director and I traveled to Bentonville, AR on March 16-17 to pitch to Sam's Club! We were invited to the second annual "30 Minutes to Win It" event when some buyers stopped by our booth early in the morning during CES in January. The event was a bit like Shark Tank where they cut to the chase very quickly. 

National Sleep Awareness Week

After a long day of work and play, we often can’t wait for bedtime. But for some, falling asleep can be elusive and stressful. In fact, most people experience difficulty falling asleep at some point in their lives. National Sleep Awareness Week is an opportunity for us to stop and think about our sleep habits, realize how much they impact our well-being, and take a step towards improving them.

This year, National Sleep Awareness Week takes place March 2–8, 2015; which coincidently ends on the day we lose an hour of sleep to Daylight Saving Time.