iPhone Blue Light Filter is finally available!

I am so excited about the new iPhone blue light filter update! We finally have a night time viewing setting that filters out blue light! Previously the only solution to reduce night time blue light exposure while using an iPhone was jail breaking the phone to use F.lux, but that compromises security and isn't for the faint of heart. Even turning down the brightness settings didn't change the warmth (color) of the light. But with the latest iOS release, we now have a built in solution directly in the phone's settings!

Tune Your Brain to the Frequencies of Sleep

Tune Your Brain to the Frequencies of Sleep

Scientists have use electrodes and EEG to measure frequencies emitted by the brain during different activities. These frequencies are measured by in hertz, or cycles per second. The frequencies of sleep, where we spend a third of our life, start below 1hz and ascend to around 7hz, which is a relaxed waking state. As the frequencies go higher, you become more alert and more anxious.

SleepPhones Now Offering SmartSounds from Neurosonica

SleepPhones is excited to offer Neurosonica's cutting edge music technology, Sleep Solutions.

The Sky’s the Limit when you’re Sleeping Well!

Better health, relationships, financial success? We all have our dreams! But living a dream takes energy, enthusiasm and staying power. None of which are possible without Deep Sleep and effective Stress Management. EVERYTHING gets better when you’re sleeping well!

Copyrighted photos

We've been seeing that many of our copyrighted photos are being misused by knockoff companies. Please beware of knockoffs in the marketplace. These are some of the images what we've seen on other websites and even on other packaging. These images belong to AcousticSheep LLC. Our Terms and Conditions clearly spell out that images from our website cannot be used for any purpose without expressed permission.
This is one picture we've seen too often unfortunately.

Ben Franklin Awards AcousticSheep with $200,000 Prize Package

Our entire team felt validated and loved by the extremely generous Erie, PA business community today.

AcousticSheep Team picture with Cirrus holding $50,000 check from the Ben Franklin Big Idea business competition

The Ben Franklin Technology Partners gave us a grant check today for $50,000 and a prize package valued at over $200,000. We were the grand prize winners of the Ben Franklin Big Idea business competition. We had a fun presentation and a killer business plan.

SleepPhones Effortless and RunPhones Effortless Release Delayed Until November

Hi SleepPhones and RunPhones fans!

This is the CEO, Wei-Shin. We were pleasantly surprised that everyone remembered that we were coming out with the Effortless model, which has induction charging. It’s now the end of April, and the project has not gone as quickly as we hoped.

A Behind the Scenes Look at One of AcousticSheep's Exclusive Musicians

Vibrational medicine practitioner Jessica Hope has been dedicated to the art of healing from a young age and is now an accomplished healer, teacher, reiki master and ordained minister. Her first-ever CD release, Transformations, is designed to guide you to a state of deep relaxation or centered creativity utilizing vibrational sound through crystal singing bowls.