RunPhones are "Must Have Running Gear" as Featured on The Hallmark Channel

With warm weather approaching, Kym Douglas, beauty and lifestyle expert, shows you some helpful ways to get inspired to start exercising, with three products that are "Must Have Running Gear," during The Hallmark Channel's Home and Family morning talk show. RunPhones are featured as the first product in the lineup, and Kym emphasizes the convenience of having headphones built into a sweatband, eliminating the need for bulky headphones.

RunPhones one of Faveable's Top 10 Coolest Running Gadgets

Faveable has declared RunPhones as one of the Top 10 Coolest Gadgets that all Runners should be using.

There's nothing like a good run to clear your head, melt away the stress, and push your body to its limits. With the right playlist in your ears and a comfortable pair of running shoes, you're on your way. Once you settle on your location: a track around the park, through the forest, or on the side of the mountain (real or imagined), you're ready for one heck of a workout.

SleepPhones® Featured on ITV's This Morning

Steve Wilson - Gadget Expert presents SleepPhones@ on ITV's This Morning for Edith's Guide to Festivals

Steve Wilson - Gadget Expert stopped by ITV's This Morning to present SleepPhones® Classic as one of the gadgets that would be a great fit for Edith's Guide to Festivals! If you need to block out a noisy festival or a noisy bed partner just plug them into your phone and listen to music to help you sleep!